Benboee Bachata JW
"Ethan's results"

2009 has started well for this boy.   Thank you to all who have thought so highly of him.
He has now won 3 RCC from breed specialists, and also gained his Junior warrant.

1st Post Graduate
Judge: Mrs Val Grant

Manchester Championship show 2009
1st Post Graduate
Mature dog with a look of quality that draws the eye, typical outline,
lovely angulation, good balance to head. Not as tidy on the move as 2
but his other qualities won him the class
Judge: Mrs Karen Brown

Boston Championship Show 2009
1st Post Graduate
lovely liver and white dog with a smashing outline,
nice head with a good reach of neck leading into a good front, good shoulder placement,
deep chest & well angulated rear, moved out well showing good drive
Judge: Mr Bill Ashcroft

In his first year in the ring, Ethan is winning well at Championship level and also at open level having already won a Gundog group at 10 months. He also won the  Pro Plan Puppy Stakes at Midland Counties championship show under Miss Ann Ingram.

Ethan has been described by  judges as being
Eyecatching, Stunning, Promising, Masculine, Outstanding

Cambuslang Open Show DEcember 2008
1st Open
Group 2
Judge: Wilma Reid

HPR Club of Scotland Open Show DEcember 2008
1st Limit
Judge: Sam Whiting

Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland November 2008
1st Post Graduate
Stunning l/w, really caught my eye in this line-up of good dogs, so well put together,
lovely in outline & a pleasure to go over, very much liked his head, length of neck,
strong back & well muscled quarters, has lots of ring presence,
showed well & commands attention on moving round the ring., I’m sure he’ll do well;
Jusge: Sue Ashcroft

Gundog Society Wales Championship Show 08
1st Graduate
Judge: Mr Moray Armstrong

Driffield Championship show 08
1st Yearling
Small class but a top quality class, liked both of these dogs very much, similar attributes
of the breed to appreciate, good size & shape, short backs, good bone & body condition, good heads,
most promising young dogs with lots of quality.
Jugde: Mr Frank Whyte

Darlington Championship Show 08
1st Junior
1st Yearling
Judge: Mrs Hilda Parkinson

Richmond 08
1st Junior
1st Yearling
What a great prospect, outline just shouted GSP, loved his balanced head,
Good length of foreface so lacking in so many exhibits today. Clean arched muscular neck,
excellent angluation front and rear, short strong loin, well muscled, Just loved him.
Pushed very hard for CC but had to settle for RCC
Judge: Mrs Gill Simpson (Sireva)

City of Birmingham 08
1st Graduate
Good young dog, lovely head & expression, balanced outline, short back,
I understand this win gave him his JW
Judge: Mrs Brenda Smith

Welsh Kennel Club 08
1st Junior Dog
Judge: Mrs B J Hargreaves

4th Gundog & Utility Junior Stakes
Mr E Engh (Norway)

East of England Championship Show 08
1st Junior Dog
Judge: Mrs Marion Waddell (Magregor)

1st Special Beginners Stake (out of 92 dogs)
Nicely presented youngster, lovely to go over, in lovely body and condition,
clean cut outline and balanced construction. Free fluid gait covering lots of ground effortlessly
Judge: Mrs E Bothwell.

Windsor Championship Show 08
2nd Junior Dog
Bigger boy, mostly liver with slight ticking, good head & front angulation, strong topline,
good through the ribs, strong loin & good tailset, rearend well angulated with low hock,
good bone & feet, moved out well, good coat;
Judge: Mrs Carol Coode

Blackpool Championship Show 08
1st Junior Dog
Good head, deep chest, correct bone, ribs well sprung, firm short back, moved well
Judge: Mrs V Foss

Border Union Championship show 08
1st Junior dog
Beautiful eyecatching dog, lovely held topline, good bone, deep chest, nice height,
moved very well, tail placement good, everything to like.
Mrs C Eves

Three Counties Championship Show 08
1st Junior Dog
What a stunning dog he is when stacked, masculine head with the much prized roman nose effect,
but such a soft melting expression with really dark eyes, everything to like,
excels in neck into shoulder, well angulated, correct depth at elbow,fabulous bone & good feet,
really good coat texture, level topline & correct tailset, excellent reach in profile movement.
Judge: Mrs Gill Roden (Keigame)

GSP Club Championship Show 08
1st Junior Dog
Well balanced, pleasing head and expression, good reach of neck, well placed shoulders,
good topline and bend of stifle, correct hard coat, tight feet and sound movement.
Judge: Mr Geoff Hargreaves

GBAS open show 08
1st Junior
Quality Youngster presenting qxcellent outline. Correct size and substance with good depth,
straight front and rugged quarters, good head and eye, supoer reach of neck and strong topline,
short harsh coat, moved soundly. His conformation and type secured him RBOB
Judge: Mrs Taylor

SKC Championship Show 08
2nd Junior Dog
Judge Mrs E Ryan

Birmingham National Champ Show
2nd Junior
Judge: Mr M Ryan

Tay Valley Gundog Open Show
1st Junior
Lovely young man of 13 months. Very nice head and eye colour. Good reach of neck into correct
shoulder placement. Good topline and stifles. In excellent condition, pleased to award him B.O.B
Judge: Mrs Jean Marshal

North and South Shields Canine Society
1st Post Graduate
Best Puppy in Breed
Judge: Mr Paul Richardson

Puppy Group 4
Judge: Mrs L McFarlane

Rutherglen Open Show (February)
"Loved this young boy who was a delight to go over. So well balanced and constructed.
Moved effortlessly with reach and drive. Thought him quite outstanding. Just Oozes quality"
1st Junior
Gundog Group 1
Judge: Mr Ray Strudwick

Caledonian  Open Show
"A promising youngster. Nice outline, Masculine head, sound in front and moved freely"
1st Graduate
Best puppy in Breed
Puppy Group 3
Judge: Mrs Pauline Barnes

Livingston Open Show
1st Graduate
judge: Mrs Liz Muir

Rutherglen open show (December)
1st Puppy Stakes
Mr Moray Armstrong

HPR of Scotland open show
1st Puppy
"Very Impressive masuline dog in superb coat and condition.
Excellent neck and shoulders and well balanced angulation in hind quarters.
strong bone and well shaped feet. Good forechest and depth of brisket.
Firm topline. Good side gait."
(only beaten by his sister "Bolaro" for BPIB)
Christine McDonald,

Gundog Association of Scotland Champ Show
3rd Minior puppy dog
Ann Raymond

1st Puppy dog Stakes
Don Miller

Midland Counties Champ Show
Mr Larry Wilkes
1st Minor Puppy

Miss Ann Ingram
1st Pro Plan Puppy Stakes
Just over 6 months but already very collected. Lovely head and expression.
Super reach of neck and layback of shoulder. Good topline and strong well angulated
hindquarters,  very sound on the move, in wonderful condition

Kinkintillock & Lenzie Open show
Mrs Lynne Hunter
3rd AV Puppy

Gundog Society of Wales Champ Show
Mrs J Ward
2nd Minor Puppy Dog

Miss D Arrowsmith
5th Minor Puppy Stakes

Tay Valley Open Show - 14th October
Mr D J Bell
3rd Junior
2nd AV Minor PUppy
2nd AV minor Puppy Stakes