In 2000, I went back to “Rewari”, this time I had made up my mind I wanted a yellow girl to show. After pleading with my mum (dad said one more wouldn’t make any difference), “Rewari Sunbeam Over Benboee” came to stay. Libee was my real first taste of a show dog.

It was in 2000, the “Benboee” affix came to be. Taking letters from my first 3 dogs,  “Ben” from Benji, “bo” from Turbo and the “ee” from Libee.  “Ben-bo-ee”

In 2003 I remember my parents asking what I wanted for my 21st birthday. “A puppy” I replied. Again dad said “One more wont make any difference” and our first GSP came to stay. I went to have a “LOOK” at a litter bred by Des and Sue and I ended up coming home with “Eva, Merganser Caprice over Benboee”.  Then in 2005 I decided to have my first litter. Eva was mated to the very well known stud dog “Show Champion Isara Kurzhaar Bootlegger” (dad said one more was one too many) and she produced two wonderful puppies.

And that’s how “Benboee” came to be.

Without the help and advice from so many people, my success with my dogs would not be possible. I thank Margaret and Bill (Rewari) for introducing me into the show world and for also producing two super Labradors. Lorraine Tooth (Ludalor) for helping me out when my Lab and GSP classes used to clash and all my other friends in Labradors for their on going advice and help over the years  I thank all my wonderful friends in GSP’s, Des and Sue for allowing me to have Eva,  the Scanlons for their ongoing friendship in and out of the ring and to Fio Roberts (Isara) and Gill Roden (Keigame) for letting me use their wonderful boys on Eva.

As a child, my only dog was a very sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called “Benji”. Every time I would take him for a walk in the park, I would keep him on a short lead and run round the park pretending I was on that green carpet at Crufts (well, the grass was the same colour as the carpet).
How Benboee came to be

At the age of 14 I got a summer job working at “Rewari” boarding kennels, the home of “Rewari Labradors”. At the end of the summer Margaret and Bill told me they were going to be finding a pet home for their young black dog “Turbo” as he just wasn’t making the standard for the show ring. Summer 1997,  Turbo came home with me , and so my Love for the breed grew from there.
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