Benboee Bibinoi
(the late Darcey)
Sh Ch Magregor Pyzartyst at Moregin x  Benboee Bolaro
Date of Birth:  21st April 2010

Jess at 17 weeks
Miss Jess is owned by the most wonderful friend of mine, Maaike. Although Jess is not a part of our show team, she deserves a page of her own on this web-site.

Jess was a poorly baby and Maaike was the vet who treated her, fell in love with her
and offered her a forever home. She was a puppy who stole the hearts of many and this
page will be regularly updated to allow her "followers" to see that Jess is continuing to live
life to the full and is a happy, healthy wild child.
Jess, 8 Months