Benboee Bachata JW
Sh Ch Keigame Model Man x  Merganser Caprice at Benboee
Date of Birth:  2nd April 2007
1 CC with BOB
11 RCC
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Ethan in the group at City or Birmingham after winning his first CC and BOB
Photo taken By
Chris Wilson
Ethan is a boy in a million who (in my eyes) can do no wrong both in and out of the ring.

He won 3RCC's at a young age and recently at City of Birmingham Champ show under Mrs Maureen McKay won his first CC and was shortlisted in the group under Mrs Meriel Hathaway
The pictures above show Ethan in the final 9 of the Kennel Gazette Junior Warrant Competition.  I was so proud of my boy for making it so far in the comptition.
Click here to see Ethans Results and Critiques from 2010
2011 Results

1st Open Dog
Judge - Mr Des Hodgkinson

Manchester Championship Show
2nd Open RCC
Unfortunate to meet 1 in such form. Lovely imposing dog of the type I like, good head and expression, clean angles all round, nice angulation behind allowing him to move freely around the ring. Pleased to give him a hard fought RCC
Judge - Mr Mike Blay

Boston Championship Show
2nd Open RCC
Great quality dog, lovely in profile, again, no exaggeration, superb head of correct shape, kindly dark eye, arched neck into correct shoulder, straight topline with a slight slope to croup, good tailset. I have always liked this boy.
Judge - Mrs Jenny Jennings